EX-TRAFIRE® Plasma Cutting Systems

Thermacut® has created a powerful, versatile, easy to operate and cost-effective range of plasma power supplies for manual and mechanized applications.

EX-TRAFIRE® systems fit different needs, from small workshops to heavy-duty production facilities with continuous operation. Combined with the perfectly fitting Thermacut® torches and cable leads, they provide outstanding cutting, gouging and grid-cutting performance.

Make the most of these opportunities to optimize your cutting activities!

IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE All EX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutting systems impress with their outstanding cutting performance in terms of speed, precision and duty cycle.

HIGHEST APPLICATION FLEXIBILITYEX-TRAFIRE® machines offer a wide variety of applications: cutting, grid-cutting, gouging and even marking (HD range).

SIMPLE OPERATION With their simple and intuitive operation and the TCS torch connection system, EX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutting systems guarantee optimal cutting results for all users.

OPTIMAL COST-EFFECTIVENESSEX-TRAFIRE® plasma cutting systems offer an impressive price-performance ratio and low running costs throughout their entire service life thanks to affordable and durable consumables.

FUTUREPROOF SYSTEM SOLUTION The plasma cutting systems are equipped with all needed interfaces, updateable and offer easy monitoring functions.

Three (3) years for EX-TRAFIRE® brand power sources

One (1) year for torches and lead sets